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Stories of UFO Sightings

We all like a good story. This is maybe why we like watching TV shows and movies which have a great story, even a great story telling experience, even though the narrative itself might not be the best, or that innovative. However, some stories that are based on real life are even more interesting to us, particularly if they involve […]

Tips for Having a Successful Blog in 2022

Success doesn’t come without sacrifice, time and effort invested into whatever you want to do. From physical labor to jobs like rocket science, or rather, astrophysics engineering, effort and smart work pay off. Dedicating your time to figuring something out is a key component of succeeding. Take for example, sportsbooks, online ones. One couldn’t possibly know how to use promo […]

Spooky Urban Legends You Haven’t Heard Of

When halloween comes, people get into that festive mood and horror movies are obviously on the menu. If it also happens that Friday the 13th is in October of the same year, then things get even more interesting.  Myths, legends and scary stories are often told during these times. Why not learn something new, and perhaps get a little scared? […]

Blogging 101: Why do Most Bloggers Fail?

There are so many bloggers out there ever since, well…blogging became a thing. Many bloggers are trying to succeed, become popular, and even earn something (or a lot) from blogging. We all believe that we know a lot about how the internet works because we have been using it for such a long time to post images, chat with friends, […]

Hitchhiking for Beginners

Travelling has always been a popular way of spending your holiday or free time. Some people like to have a safe, predictable, pre-planned vacation, where everything is accounted for. However, many would argue that predictability is what kills the enjoyment. Many people prefer to have the hands-on experience with their traveling vacation, along with all the unpredictable elements they encounter […]

Lights above Vegas – UFO or Something Else?

Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations on the planet, as millions of people visit it in order to have the best tourist and gambling experience in the Western world. For those who cannot make it to Vegas, there are still plenty of online casinos that offer great bonuses like the Golden Nugget bonus code. However, on May […]

5 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog

The Internet has allowed practically anyone to be able to express themselves freely, in any way they see fit. People can do so by creating various kinds of content; a good example of this is vlogging, which has become very popular over the past ten years. However, one type of content still stands strong and remains a reliable way of […]

What is the True Purpose of NGOs?

These days, we seem to hear the term ‘NGO’ more and more often. Sometimes it is used in a positive, and sometimes in a negative context. They are becoming the talk of the town. This text should try and explain what is it that NGOs are supposed to be, as well as what their purpose is. What are NGOs, anyway? […]

Area 51 –What Is It?

People love a good conspiracy theory. Wherever you look, you will find at least a dozen conspiracy theories, as well as people who swear that they are true. They are present at all levels and in all shapes and sizes. Some of the more popular ones include the theory that GMOs cause all sorts of diseases, the flat Earth theory, […]