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Rookie’s Guide to Repairing Your Bike

Future or new bike owners should know a thing or two about their bicycles. Every cyclist should have basic knowledge of how the bike functions, what are the most common issues, and how to fix them. Apart from that, carrying a small toolkit with you when you go cycling should be a must, especially if you are going great distances. […]

How to Enjoy Horse Racing Without Becoming Addicted

Ever since people started working, they valued and enjoyed the time they spend free from work. It helps regenerate their strength, rests the mind and the body, and presents a space to be filled with activities of choice that are fulfilling for every individual. One of the most popular modes of entertainment is sports, as people have been watching or […]

Coping with Stress at Work

Stress is the silent killer and your work generates a large portion of your daily intake of it, even if your calling is your bliss. The fear of losing your job, being reprimanded for our mistakes, having a close deadline, a bad work-life balance, and many other things are liable to drive a person crazy. It’s a good thing that […]

Building a Robot 101

One of the coolest things a person can do as a hobby that may or may not involve family members is not playing age of gods free spins, but to build a fully-functioning robot. And it’s not just for giggles, you can also move on to robotics as a career choice. So, how can you build your own robot? To […]