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Blogging 101: Why do Most Bloggers Fail?

Blogging 101: Why do Most Bloggers Fail?

There are so many bloggers out there ever since, well…blogging became a thing. Many bloggers are trying to succeed, become popular, and even earn something (or a lot) from blogging. We all believe that we know a lot about how the internet works because we have been using it for such a long time to post images, chat with friends, play casino games with the Mr Bit Promo Code, or simply browse some of our favorite topics. However, when you want to make being on the internet your job, it turns out that we actually do not know as much as we think we do about the internet. The sad statistic behind it all is that not many bloggers manage to make it to the “top”. Not all of those who start their blogs succeed and sooner or later they give up on the whole blogging adventure. 

In case you are wondering why here are some of the most common reasons behind the failure of blogger out there:

Not Following Your Passion

Bloggers who are pumped up and driven by the fact that one day they are going to be rich and famous are doomed to fail. That is if blogging is not their passion. Following the example of other famous and successful bloggers don’t do a trick – you actually have to like and feel passionate about what you do. And it applies to almost anything in life. 

Choosing the “Wrong” Niche

So, let’s say you want to start a blog and you are passionate about the subject and yet, something is missing? Future bloggers need to have optimism but they also need to be realistic. Do your reality check and ask yourself this question: “How many people will actually want to read a blog on this subject?” If you are writing content no one is interested in, then your blogging career has ended sooner than it started. You need to think of an engaging and interesting subject many people would love to read about.

Not Being Creative and Innovative

Your content needs to be interesting, creative, and innovative, or at least your approach to the subject – you don’t necessarily need to invent something new. However, copying someone’s ideas, style and creative ideas will only drag you down. Try to be yourself and try to be as creative as you can. Don’t try to be like others, try to break the norm, and come up with an idea, topic, writing style, or something else your readers will find interesting. 

Not Doing SEO

Ignoring SEO might be one of the biggest mistakes done by bloggers.

SEO is one of the most important parts of your future blogging career. You depend on those search engines and you will need to optimize your content if you want to succeed. Yes, nobody likes doing this and it could something mess up with your content creation – but it is completely and utterly necessary.

Organic traffic is what you are hoping for? That’s optimistic, but don’t forget about the search engine traffic.

Not Setting Your Goals Straight

If your goal is just to earn money and you don’t have any long term strategy, you might as well give up right away. First of all, face the fact that you won’t be earning money at the beginning, and when you start earning it won’t be much – at the beginning. Working for your dreams doesn’t pay off overnight. So, out your effect to it, work hard, stay persistent, and set realistic goals. Or even big goals, but make sure to set them and to work every day towards that goal. Start by writing a plan for a specific period of time and commit to it, commit to your goal if you really want to succeed in the blogging world.