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Area 51 –What Is It?

Area 51 –What Is It?

People love a good conspiracy theory. Wherever you look, you will find at least a dozen conspiracy theories, as well as people who swear that they are true. They are present at all levels and in all shapes and sizes. Some of the more popular ones include the theory that GMOs cause all sorts of diseases, the flat Earth theory, the theory that vaccines cause autism, the theory that lizard people control the world, and other theories that cover practically every aspect of our lives. However, some theories are just more permanent and appealing than others, and the theory about aliens making contact with us has persisted for decades. Of course, the place that is most commonly mentioned alongside aliens and Roswell in New Mexico is certainly Area 51. Very few other places in the world have caused such controversy and speculations.

What is Area 51 supposed to be, and where is it?

Area 51 is the name of a highly classified, top-secret United States Air Force base located in the Nevada Desert. It is located in the southern part of Nevada, and it was first acquired by the USAF for military testing in the mid-fifties. This site has been the subject of countless conspiracy theories and speculations, which are all alien-related. The theories are so plentiful precisely because of the fact that the United States Department of Defense never revealed what the facilities are used for; also the CIA publicly admitted to Area 51 existing in 2013, almost 60 years after the base was created.

What are the most popular conspiracy theories about it?

According to many people, this secretive aspect is precisely what makes the area so appealing. It is said to be under extremely close guard, and the entrance is absolutely prohibited to civilians. Of course, this has led to numerous theories about what goes on behind the fence at Area 51. Of course, one of the most popular theories is that it is the place where the US Department of Defense keeps alien visitors who landed on Earth, and where they do experiments on them. There are also other theories, about experimental weapons with great killing power, or even about the Moon landing being fake and that Area 51 served as the site where the landing was shot.  The conspiracy theories were so plentiful, that they even sparked some actions by the people.

Storm Area 51

In 2019, somebody had jokingly created a Facebook event that invited people to storm the gates of Area 51 in September, claiming that “they can’t stop all of us”. More than two million people responded to the event, and thousands actually came to Nevada, with only forty people going through the desert to the entrance to Area 51, where they were quickly dispersed by the authorities. Still, this shows how great the curiosity of people about this place is. In the end, although all these theories are mere speculations, what is true about the site is that it is still working in secret, and as long as it does so, it will attract attention from people worldwide.