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Hitchhiking for Beginners

Hitchhiking for Beginners

Travelling has always been a popular way of spending your holiday or free time. Some people like to have a safe, predictable, pre-planned vacation, where everything is accounted for. However, many would argue that predictability is what kills the enjoyment. Many people prefer to have the hands-on experience with their traveling vacation, along with all the unpredictable elements they encounter on the way. It is not easy, and it might not always be safe, but people swear by this way of traveling, claiming that it is the only true way to do it. So here are a few things that you should bear in mind if you are a beginner who seeks to get into hitchhiking.

First of all –it is not for everyone

One of the most important things you need to know before going hitchhiking is that some people will never like it, no matter what, which is exactly why you need to know yourself very well before setting out on such an adventure. If you watched an inspiring movie, or read Kerouac, just wait a little bit, think it over, and think over your motivation. If you consider yourself suitable for such an endeavor, you are ready to go, just be prepared for everything.

Unexpected situations

A hitchhiking trip can be full of unexpected situations. Sometimes, you may catch a ride in a blink of an eye; sometimes, you may be stranded on the road for hours on end, with nobody to pick you up.

People who stop for you can also be of various dispositions, they may be very open and friendly, but they can sometimes have bad intentions, which is why you need to have a keen eye for estimating the situation you are in.

You should also say goodbye to your travel plans or bookings ahead of time, as hitchhiking can last significantly more than you’d expect to.

Do not go alone

Try to bring a buddy along, if nothing else, for the company. If you find yourself without a ride on the way, a person alongside you can be very helpful, at least to have a conversation with. When traveling in this way, you should avoid going in groups of three or more people, as this will very rarely get you a ride. People usually have up to two free places in their vehicles; three or more is very rare and almost impossible to find.

Dress wisely

You may be exposed to the weather for longer periods of time, so layering your clothing is advised. Moreover, bright colors are a very useful tool, as they both help people notice you, and make you seem like a more pleasurable companion. You will also look cleaner and more approachable, which will significantly increase your chances of getting a ride.