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The Reason behind Blogging Popularity

The Reason behind Blogging Popularity

What makes a person start their own blog? It may be that some people want to share their views of the world or a specific industry, but if that truly is the case, then wouldn’t simple social media posts do? After all, people have no problem expressing their opinions on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and others. What makes blogging different and popular?

Safe Space

When you write a post or comment on social media platforms, you may feel attacked when your views get challenged. Another problem is that you often decide against posting anything because you don’t feel it’s worthy of being read by others, especially your friends and acquaintances. In other words, when people get on popular social media platforms, many of them feel judged and under close watch without posting anything.

Blogging gives you your own safe space to express your views and ideas. Others may be invited to join the discussion, but only under your conditions and on your terrain. You can use blogging for almost anything – to raise awareness of an important issue, share recipes, teach people how to play online roulette – whatever your heart desires! You can even use it as your online diary and write about events in your life and others that you want to write about, but lack the courage to do so in front of others. When you are ready, you can share your blog posts with the world and you can choose whether you are anonymous or not.

Products and Services

Blogging is a great marketing tool for promoting your own goods and services, provided it is able to stand on its own. For example, if you are a chef, you may want to post about cool recipes, your own concoctions, or tips on how to grow some fresh ingredients. After that, if you have your own restaurant or a book you would like to sell, your blog is there to build your brand with customer engagement.

Addressing a Specific Audience

Blogging is a great way for you to document your journey into a specific area, whether its politics, science, crafting hobbies, movies and TV shows, and so on. If you want to reach a wider audience than your circle of friends, blogging may be the way to do so. Furthermore, if you do your research properly, you can even build up your name and present yourself as an expert on a subject you are passionate about.

It Can Be Profitable

Blogging is not just a hobby or a tool – it can also be your job. There are many ways you can earn money by doing this, including accepting donations as a content creator, affiliate marketing, and monetizing your content with ads, just to name a few. Compared to other gigs, like programming, customer service, and teaching, for example, blogging is way less stressful and you have very few people to answer to for your content.

It’s Fun

The sky is the limit to what you can write about, which is why many people start blogs about topics they are passionate about. You can use blogs to express yourself, to add a system to your own hobbies and projects, and share your creations with the world if you want to do so.