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6 Destinations for Thrill-Seeking Travelers

6 Destinations for Thrill-Seeking Travelers

If you are looking at traveling as an adventure, rather than a temporary escape or an educational opportunity, then you just might be a thrill-seeker, and you are probably also familiar with bgo promo code. It is not enough to just see a monument, a temple, or a historic landmark or to try several local dishes, you often feel the need to completely immerse yourself into the local culture and turn every trip into an adventure. Here are six destinations you should consider putting on your bucket list. We promise they are worthwhile.

Anywhere in Canada

You might think that Canada is a place where overly polite people live in temperatures normally found in your fridge, but hear us out. Canada is enormous. It would take you months to take in all of its beauty and there would still be corners of it you would know nothing about. Canada is the perfect destination for travelers who like going off-road and into the majestic beauty of the wilderness. The second-largest coastline, some of the world’s most beautiful lakes, the mountain ranges that take your breath away, and the sharp and fresh air not only test your limits but make you grateful for being alive. The wildlife is also something amazing to behold.


Exquisite cuisine, amazing climate, and a very vigorous local culture is everything a backpacker or adventurous traveler might desire. Thailand has a multitude of temples, markets, beaches, and a somewhat unique traffic system. There are parties, wildlife, and adrenaline-packed activities that will leave no-one unmoved.

New Zealand

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you wish to visit the birthplace of several extreme sports and activities, including bungee-jumping? Well, New Zealand might just have what you are looking for. Some of the extreme activities you can try are rafting, skydiving, caving, and even something called zorbing, where you roll down a hill in a giant plastic ball.


This place may be particularly interesting for US travelers, as Cuba was closed to US citizens not so long ago. There are so many different regions you can visit, each with its own set of thrilling activities, but the genuine thing to do is to enjoy salsa and other kinds of music in Havana, so often romanticized in American songs. You can even make like the old-time person with a prestigious Cuban cigar, up to recently only available to rich people able to circumvent the customs. Remember to go to the country with an open mind.


Future zoologists, vegetarians, climate activists, and others that value and celebrate life would surely enjoy a visit to Galapagos Islands. There is so much wildlife here and it is diverse to the point that you are likely to believe human interference could never upset the balance of this place.


If you are an English-speaking adventurer that is unsure of their next European destination, might we suggest giving Germany a go? It has 16 different states, each with its own slightly different culture. Cured meats, sausages, and beer are unlike any other in the world, and so many towns and villages still retain the architecture from long ago. Communication is not usually a problem, as many Germans speak English and are more than willing to help you find your way.