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7 Political Blogs to Watch Out For

Politics is always a hot topic, especially in times of crisis and change. One way to cleanse your palate from the mainstream media sources is to read political blogs. Mind you, they are to be read as one would read about a new zealand betting experience or even an opinion piece – that is to say – they are informative. […]

6 Destinations for Thrill-Seeking Travelers

If you are looking at traveling as an adventure, rather than a temporary escape or an educational opportunity, then you just might be a thrill-seeker, and you are probably also familiar with bgo promo code. It is not enough to just see a monument, a temple, or a historic landmark or to try several local dishes, you often feel the […]

Most Reliable and Accurate News Blogs

It is very difficult to reach the bottom of any issue, especially with so many different media houses pushing their own views on the events and presenting their opinions as facts. While it is impossible to find a blog that is infallible, we have done our best to track down some of the more reliable news sources in the form […]

Earning a Living as a Blogger

In one of our earlier posts, where we described why blogging is just plain awesome, we briefly mentioned that it is something you can make money off of. We decided to expand a bit on the topic and tell you a few ways you can make money as a blogger. There are a few hurdles and a few tips and […]

The US and the Unemployed – What Can Be Done?

At the time of writing, the situation surrounding employment in the United States is looking dire and with no light at the end of the tunnel in sight. According to the news release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics from May 8, 2020, there were 23.1 million unemployed in April and the number seems to keep rising. Furthermore, there are […]

Building a Robot 101

One of the coolest things a person can do as a hobby that may or may not involve family members is not playing age of gods free spins, but to build a fully-functioning robot. And it’s not just for giggles, you can also move on to robotics as a career choice. So, how can you build your own robot? To […]

The Spooky Story of Mary Celeste

We want to cover all sorts of mysteries and myths here, so we decided to get a head start with one of the most popular ghost shop stories – the Mary Celeste. We are going to take a look at the facts, the theories, and the legends surrounding this vessel. History Mary Celeste did not start its ‘life’ in the […]

The Reason behind Blogging Popularity

What makes a person start their own blog? It may be that some people want to share their views of the world or a specific industry, but if that truly is the case, then wouldn’t simple social media posts do? After all, people have no problem expressing their opinions on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and others. What makes blogging […]

Traveling May Heal and Nurture Your Soul

Traveling is a hobby or a calling. Some people do it to recharge their batteries before going back to their 9-5, while others use it to explore the world and experience it first-hand. Here is how traveling can help and heal not just your body, but your soul as well. Unwinding Whether you are a tourist, a backpacker, or any […]