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Essentials for the Modern Traveler

Essentials for the Modern Traveler

Traveling has changed over the years, but one thing remains constant – the prudent need to have a list of essential items you need to have with you at all times, whether it is for a weekend trip or a backpacking adventure. Naturally, the list itself has evolved as well and we are here to tell you about the essentials every traveler should always pack.


We are not saying you should bring your laptop with you, but it is an option. However, we urge you to always carry your (fully-charged) phone, charger, and a power bank for emergencies. This is useful not only to communicate with your friends, business partners, and loved ones but to provide you with entertainment on long flights and bus rides. Watch movies, listen to music, or, if you have no data and no Wi-Fi, read an ebook or two or play a game.

Sleep Facilitators

Before you get shocked, we are not talking about sleeping pills. Those are prescription and should not be used to sleep through your trip, unless your doctor says so. What we are talking about are noise-canceling earphones, a blindfold, and/or earplugs. We do not recommend using these if you are traveling alone, but if you have a friend or a few to watch your back while you doze off, these will help you cancel out the noise and the light around you.

Compression Socks

If you’ve ever been on a long flight, especially one featuring an American plane, you know that it is an absolute nightmare to try and wake up your legs once they are asleep. This is not just annoying, it can also be a bit of a health risk. Wearing compression socks and/or tights should help you keep your circulation in order, so make sure you pack a pair.


Having cash is essential, especially if you are not sure whether the place you are traveling to accepts credit cards and other forms of payment. Make sure you don’t keep it all in one place so that you can enjoy your trip even if you lose some of your money.


Cards on the table – one of our founders has been ridiculed time and time again by the others for packing three-months-worth of clothes for a week-long trip. However, there is some merit in that. Having a few extra pairs of underwear, a sweater, spare jeans, shorts, and some shirts really makes you prepared for any eventuality concerning weather conditions. You can avoid many unpleasant situations if you pack according to what might happen rather than simply looking at the calendar.


Last, but not least, is the grooming. You can get some so-called ‘essential kits’ in stores at the airports and stations to help you on your trip. They usually contain things like shaving cream, razor, dental floss, single-use shampoo, and the like. If you are prepared for your trip, however, you don’t need to buy these things as they are already in your bags.